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Nicole Marie [userpic]

It can't always be kisses, hugs and beautiful words.

July 27th, 2007 (08:07 pm)
pissed off

current mood: mildly offended

Yesterday was fun, but I miss Cara and Kevin! I need them to come home, they are amazing. Anyway, trivia was really fun, playing around with names from HP7. :P I also can't wait to see Aida at BU. I'm definitely going with Amelia, but if anyone else wants to come, call her. I'm sure you can too.

I'm really upset by something that's been going on. That's no reason to IM me and call me "emo:" you really have no idea what happened, so who are you to say I'm overreacting? Please, if I haven't talked to you about what's going on, don't assume that you know. You don't. There's only one person I've confided in about it, and that's all I'm comfortable with at this point. It's not your business, you don't know, so shut up and leave it alone.

That said, I have some amazing friends that I love with all my heart. Even if I haven't talked to you about it, chances are you've done something to help anyway. Thanks so so much. ♥

P.S. -- I met my roommate and she is awesome. :)